Brittany & Garrett’s wedding : Good Shepherd & Trophy Club Country Club

It’s a vote of confidence when any couple hires me to document their wedding day, it’s a HUGE vote of confidence when a friend in the industry hires me!


I’ve known Brittany for a couple years and had met her love, Garrett, in the past. But it was not until the week of the wedding that I truly understood this couple and their love. Brittany is caring, compassionate, and faithful, she is also dry in her humor, sarcastic, and beautiful because of how she brings all that together! Garrett is driven, a strong man, a faithful friend, with an equally sarcastic sense of humor, and a quick wit. Mostly what I noticed though was how selflessly this couple loved. They’d waited a long time to share this day with their families. They’d made concessions in the planning, added little touches to make everyone feel welcome, loved strong enough so everyone felt it, and at the end of it all…. came to CELEBRATE!

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It was an awesome day I was honored to join with an all-star cast:

Rhonda Baker with Precisely as Planned

Kelly Norvell with Bridal Blooms

Jamie Holder with Creme de la Creme

Randal Stout with Randal Stout Entertainment

Erin Blair with Erin Blair Makeup and Hair Design

Mary White with Trophy Club Country Club


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