Allison & George’s wedding : VLife Church & Grand Hotel

Allison and George were married on 12.13.14 in adorable downtown McKinney and the Simple Moments Team stayed with them from beginning to end. Coming in from Baltimore, George was meeting many people for the first time… myself included! I’d heard all about this awesome guy but truly didn’t know what I was in for until that fateful day.

I really don’t say this often about my couples because I always want to be positive, but this time I just have to be real with all of you. No more hiding. It’s time you all really heard the full story of that night. I’ll start by saying…  I’m glad we were the ones capturing this day for the new Fowler Family but the rest of you are SOOOO lucky YOU didn’t have to do it. You should be thanking me, really. Don’t believe me?! Just LOOK AT THIS:

If YOU were here last Saturday you’d have been subjected to the most adorable displays of fatherly love it may have brought a tear to your eye. SEE?! I saved you TEARS!

Allison & George 12.13.14Sure, there were moments of calm. Moments of poses and times when I controlled the beauty unfolding before me, but they were few and far between. Besides, this couple exuded class. I just gave them the power to roll with it.Allison & George 12.13.14Surprises, humor, and natural expressions were EVERYWHERE! There were split second moments of pure bliss and more smiles than a toothpaste commercial. Ugh! So sweet I think I’m having a sugar rush. Again… I’m so glad you didn’t have to witness such wanton displays of unbridled emotion.Allison & George 12.13.14And c’mon… I mean really…. COME ON! The gorgeousness of this day?? The beauty in every detail? The little touches that truly made this a winter wonderland? They were enough to take your breath away! Already I’ve saved you tears, diabetic coma, and severe shortness of breath.

Seriously! YOU’RE WELCOME!Allison & George 12.13.14

And don’t get me started on the dancing. Allison and George wrote the book on “How To Kill It On Your First Dance”. Don’t believe me? Google it. I am forever ruined. Perfect spins, adorable mid-dance snuggles, twirly dresses, more of those blissful smiles. I’ll never see another first dance the same way! I’m ruined, ruined I tell ya!Allison & George 12.13.14Allison & George 12.13.14Oh and then there was this sad moment… the Mother/Son dance. You know, that time when a Mom gets to dance with her “baby boy” once more? That chance to sing to each other, get lost in the moment, cry together? Forget that half the guests have long since stopped paying attention, this is YOUR MOMENT.

But wait… what the heck? This Mother and Son are contagious!! They’ve infected the guests with funk?! This once seemingly benign moment turned into a hand-waving, sing-it-like-you-mean-it celebration with George and Joyce leading the show. Mom and Son were denied their “how long IS this song??”, “sway-and-embrace” moment; someone traded it out for yet another instance of unbridled joy.Allison & George 12.13.14I also saved you having to make some really hard decisions. Like deciding which moment was more memorable and special: the time Elsa showed up to sing “Let It Go” while the snow fell all around, or when Grammy-winning R&B artist Kenny Lattimore surprised the bride and sang not one… not two… but THREE of his hit songs for everyone. Yep… you can now go the rest of your life and not have to choose between these moments. Because there truly is no choosing. I mean, really.Allison & George 12.13.14Last but not least, because the Simple Moments Team was there to cover this day and saved anyone else from having to do it, we might also have saved you from serious bodily injury. You see, at the end of this truly magical night, we were physically tested but our appetite for danger led us to press forward.

Walking backwards down a flight of stairs? No problem! Strolling out into a busy downtown street on a GREEN LIGHT just to catch a great final moment? No worries. This is what we LIVE FOR. Not everyone is up to it but we are.Allison & George 12.13.14I know what you’re thinking… you are finally seeing the big picture and you are eternally grateful for not having to endure such perfection. You’re right… it’s hard to handle all this wonderfulness (yes, it’s a word) in such a short amount of time but somehow, some way, we made it through it. Together.


The rest of the courageous team :

Each & Every Detail – Brooke Millis

Vlife Church

Grand Hotel

Haute Floral

Sweet Art Bakery

Bravo Entertainment

Blue Diamond Limo

Neon1X Entertainment

ColdFusion Ice



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