Most of you know my family and I traveled to Scotland at the end of last year. This trip had been a dream of my family’s for some time now. It was a pilgrimage, of sorts, for my Mom who was born there but had not returned since she immigrated as a teenager. I won’t bore you with all the family snapshots, but here are a few favs that my husband and I made into a 12 month wall calendar… Yes, it was COLD! I’d love to see it in the summer some time, but it was still just a beautiful as I thought it would be.

On the road to see a 3000 year old burial cairn near Inverness. The Christmas Festival in Edinburgh.

A back alley in Edinburgh. This is my husband JA and my Dad. We were wandering while we waited for our tour of the underground vaults.

This engraved stone sits on the border of England and Scotland. With the 60mph winds, I would swear this felt like the coldest place in all the world…

The cove in Oban. So nice of that seagull to cooperate so I could pull off a picture-perfect shot!

We stayed in a very small town called Port Appin. This was a small public walkway we wandered down one day. Fortunately, it ends right at the local pub. Funny how that works!

Our one trip into England was to see Hadrian’s Wall and the ancient Roman forts. This was a view of the wall with some sheep that didn’t seem too impressed that they were grazing on thousands of years of human history.

We visited a couple ruined Abbeys. This was the beautiful 1600AD ruins of Dryburgh Abbey.

The quaint town of Inverary. We met one of my Mom’s cousins in a pub here. They had not seen each other in 50 years!
My husband had what I would consider to be the best hamburger ever for lunch. The Aberdeen Angus beef they raise here is so tasty (for all you meat-asauruses), nothing we have in the States even comes close…

The ruined Urquart Castle on the Loch Ness. Nope, no Nessie sightings but I’m still a believer!

Another shot of the beautiful town of Oban. Yes boys, home of Oban Whiskey.
The view from our cottage. Can’t beat a week of waking up to that every morning…
The view from Sterling Castle just outside of Edinburgh.
Another shot from the top of the mountain as you cross over into England.

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