Studio Two Eleven Grand Opening!

I’ve had a dream for many years of opening an office space in downtown Grapevine that brought together vendors from across the wedding industry into a communal space where we could share business, ideas, and strengthen and grow each other. I thought this dream had fallen by the wayside until one. fateful. day.

It truly was a sign… I’d been looking for months and had just lamented to a friend the day before, over a tearful lunch, that I wasn’t finding what I wanted but that I refused to sign a lease for a place that didn’t meet all my criteria. I’d had my eye on a particular house for years and it seemed that it was never going to come up for lease again…. until now. My husband and I were crossing the parking lot on our way to GrapeFest when I saw it. A beautiful red and white FOR LEASE sign in the yard of my dream location. But did I sign the lease documents the very next day? Oh heck no, I agonized, and crunched numbers, and prayed, and lamented a little bit more before finally saying to myself… “If I don’t do this I’ll spend the rest of my career kicking myself” and so, Studio Two Eleven was born!

The next step was to contact all the friends I’ve made in this business over the last 11 years and share my dream with them. Rhonda Baker with Precisely as Planned was my first tenant along with Rod Baker of DFW Parties. Shortly thereafter we added Tommy Evans with Specialty Sound, Jeremy & Kristin Schmucker of Jeremy & Kristin Photography, and Charla Storey with Charla Storey Photography.

We’re not yet full, but I’m eager to get us there. Every day I walk into the space I smile. The fear of empty rooms is a powerful motivator and I can’t wait until every single inch of space is buzzing with business and happy tenants!

We celebrated our Grand Opening the same day as my Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Enjoy these pictures from Lyncca Harvey Photography and outstanding video from Turquoise Video Productions.

Thank you to the industry that I love for coming out in droves to show their support and for donating all the items needs to make this event a fabulous success! Much love to you all!!



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