Wendy & Brian’s wedding : Belo Mansion

My favorite part of Wendy is her big laugh. You can tell she loves deeply by all the friends who showed up to support her and when those she loves make her laugh…. oh my heart melts.

My favorite part of Brian is his do-it-like-you-mean-it view of life. Sure, he can be serious, but he also knows how to have fun! He’s sarcastic, very funny, ADORES Wendy, and shares his heart with his friends. Puh-lease, his antics on the dance floor are proof of exactly what I’m talking about!

My favorite part of their wedding day was the elegance and the way it truly felt like they were bringing two families together. They didn’t cater to one side more than the other, rather the overall feel of the day said: “you may have met, you may not, but you’re all important to us and here for a very important reason, so let’s PARTY!”


We thoroughly enjoyed working the the awesome team of:


Venue: Belo Mansion

Planner: Allison MacNealy

Florist: Posh Floral

Cakes: Frosted Art

DJ & Lighting: Simply Music

Strings: European Ensemble

Carriage: DFW Carriages


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