Today is my anniversary, and I have a confession to make…

I have a Creative Memories scrapbook as my wedding album. I know, I know, it’s disgraceful and I am ashamed. However, I know this is a safe place and I feel it’s time to come clean. What better day than on my 11 year wedding anniversary to confess my regrets for not hiring a true professional?

I did the best I could with what I had:

Don’t get me wrong, the pictures I do have are great, our photographer was a great photographer… but he was a terrible businessman. A scoundrel and a scheister in fact. He tried to skip town and leave us high-and-dry without our album OR the images! With my CIA background (kidding) I was able to track him down and threaten him in no uncertain terms… “I want my negatives, punk, or it’s gonna get ugly.” So I was delivered exactly that: 30 rolls of negatives. No prints, no proofs, no online posting, no digital files. Honestly, a Creative Memories scrapbook was as good as it got for us.

So I leave you today with a ‘silver lining’ message: It’s not too late for you! Hire a true creative and business professional on your wedding day, spend the money on a great photographer and an amazing album. It’s the one indulgence that won’t ever leave you with buyers remorse! Trust me…


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