Laura & Michael’s wedding : Four Seasons Dallas

I knew from the start why Laura & Michael hired me for their wedding. Of course they loved my work but they hired me for possibly the most important reason: they trusted me.

We had a great connection that helped them relax and allowed them to be comfortable. The winning moment came during engagements… Laura was not excited about doing them. She doesn’t much like being the center of attention and claimed she hated having her picture taken. Well I knew she just hadn’t met me yet, and she hadn’t worked with a photographer that could help her relax and allow her to be her gorgeous self! Once we finished our killer session she knew what I knew all along; we were a match made in heaven just like her and Michael.

Any they lived happily ever after.

The end.



A couple from their engagements to prove my point….

And now to their amazing wedding day…

First some sexy details:

It tried to rain on us. Multiple times.

We stressed. We bargained with God. We practiced the back-up plan. We prayed, crossed our fingers, smiled even as the thunder rolled.

And at the very last minute as we were about to cut our losses and admit we were beat, it happened. Sunshine. Blue sky. Perfection.

A quick check of the radar:

A little soft lighting to make extra fabulous portraits:

And the rain rain rain came down down down:

Their intimate reception of around 50 guests inside Byron’s was cozy and warm:

Stormy weather was NOT going to stop this celebration:

The amazing cast and crew:

VENUE: Four Seasons Resort Dallas

PLANNER: Julian Leaver


DJ AND LIGHTING: Glenn Roush Entertainment

DRESS: Stardust Bridal

MINISTER: Love Notes

STRINGS: Gyros Quarter


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