Jenny & Vic’s engagements : Downtown Grapevine

I remember the day I got a call from Jenny… We talked for about 15 minutes about weddings, running, family, before she said “I think you know my fiance, Vic… you have photographed both his daughter’s weddings.” Oh my gosh, of course!!! Two of my favorite weddings, favorite couples, and kindest, most encouraging families I have ever had the pleasure of working with!!

From that moment on I couldn’t wait for Jenny and Vic to get married!


She confessed she was less than thrilled with the idea of engagements. She admitted she didn’t enjoy having her picture taken, and often felt uncomfortable in front of the camera. She was adamant that she would NOT make a good subject.

Psht, whatever beautiful lady. This couple is so stinkin adorable together I knew she’d be fine. Besides, she hadn’t yet met me… I am the master of making sure people relax in front of my camera. And as I thought… they did FANTABULOUS!!


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