Hayley & Alex’s engagements : at home game night

Every so often one of my couples comes to me with a totally rad idea. Case in point: Hayley and Alex.

During our initial consultation we talked about how they met, what they were most excited about with the weddings, what the did for fun, all that fantastic stuff; and I really got a chance to know who they were individually and as a team. But it wasn’t until we hit on one particular  subject that Alex came to life. His face lit up, he was all smiles, they were relating stories, and laughing, and we talked and talked and talked. You see, Hayley and Alex are die-hard board game fanatics! It’s their favorite social activity and the way they love to spend time with each other and their friends.

So when it came time to discuss engagements Hayley said she didn’t want to go the traditional route… it just wouldn’t be “them”. A friend of her suggested they do a session that revolved around their favorite activity; the place they were most comfortable. And so we did. A first for me… an engagement session documenting “game night” with an awesome couple and their wonderful friends.

I can’t say I picked up the strategy of the game though Alex tried his hardest to help me understand. Maybe one day they’ll play again and help me learn when I don’t have an 8lb camera in my right hand.

I can’t wait for Hayley and Alex’s wedding later this month with the awesome Staci Freeman with Simplee Social!

Hayley offers some moral support and maybe a tip or two for Alex:

And her fantastic reaction when he decides to make a play he’s long since sworn he’d never make. Apparently all’s fair in love, war, and gaming!:


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